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A practical guide to running a successful 30-hour (15-lesson) short film project in English with (pre-)intermediate students: planning, lessons, evaluation, deliverables, samples and experiences, plus ideas for other projects.

Lesson 11 Write Script, Record / Edit Film

Write short film scripts (5/5). (Milestone) Short film script ready. Teams correct the mistakes made in the previous lesson's script and type a final draft in MS Word. The script should now be ready. If used, write references on a separate A4.

Record/edit short film (4/5). After practising the pronunciation with the teacher in class, teams start recording the parts of the scripts that were approved by the teacher. Recording is done outside class. In class they can edit the scenes they recorded earlier.

Prepare to present short film and self-reflections. All team members start preparing to present their self-reflections with a PowerPoint presentation, and their short film. The film should be ready for the next lesson.

Write progress report. Discuss progress and planning. Teams plan their work, fill in the PR and discuss the report with their teacher in English. Teacher approves script.

Collect documents in portfolio. Teams collect their PR, (A4 with references), corrected drafts and final (approved) scripts in their portfolio.