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A practical guide to running a successful 30-hour (15-lesson) short film project in English with (pre-)intermediate students: planning, lessons, evaluation, deliverables, samples and experiences, plus ideas for other projects.

Lesson 2 Write Outline

Select team name (2/2). (Milestone) Team name selected. Teams make a final decision on their name and write down the selected team name as team comments / decisions.

Select topic (2/2). Write short film main idea. (Milestone) Short film topic selected, short film main idea written down. Teams make a final decision on their main idea and write down the short film topic as team comments / decisions. Once they have decided on their topic, teams write down the main idea of their short film on the back of the PR.

Write progress report. Discuss progress and planning. Teams plan their work, fill in the PR and discuss the report with their teacher in English. Teacher approves team name, topic and main idea.

How to write an outline. Write short film outline (1/2). Teacher instructs the students on how to write the short film outline. Teams start writing the outline of their short film. They have 2 lessons to write the outline.

Collect documents in portfolio. Teams collect their PR and outline-in-process in their portfolio.