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A practical guide to running a successful 30-hour (15-lesson) short film project in English with (pre-)intermediate students: planning, lessons, evaluation, deliverables, samples and experiences, plus ideas for other projects.


Purpose. The portfolio supports the learning process of the students and the portfolio allows the teachers to evaluate ALL the work the students have done throughout the term, not only the final product of the work.

Process. Every time the students produce a document in the course they collect it in the portfolio. At the end of the term the portfolio contains:
  1. progress reports
  2. description of the main idea of the short film
  3. short film outline
  4. short film scripts (drafts and final versions)
  5. PowerPoint presentations (corrected project progress and self-reflections presentations)
  6. references
The portfolio is evaluated on the process, like whether the work was done according to instructions, completeness, timeliness and teamwork. It is NOT evaluated on the quality of the language.

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